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How to maintain the dry coal shed space frame structure after the damage


The cross-section of the dry coal shed space frame structure is “arch”, the span is generally above 60-70m, the height to wide ratio is above 30m, and the length varies from dozens of meters to two hundred meters, which belongs to the cylindrical lattice shell structure with large span. The standard of the support plate can only be a floor-standing support plate with two opposite sides, and both sides can be opened or closed. During the construction of the installation project, not only the amount of climbing work is large, the work risk level is high, and when the weather is changing such as snow, wind, etc., once there are product quality problems in the early construction of the project, it is easy to cause collapse accidents.

1.In the later application of dry coal sheds, the corrosion resistance of its own stainless steel plates is weak, because the construction site is unlikely to be blocked by architectural coatings, and it’s in a closed confined space where coal is accumulated. The unique chemical substances also have many uncertain factors, which cause and accelerate the corrosion of the steel frame structure. The extrusion of the support and the bending of the component will cause problems at different levels.

2.At the construction site of the dry coal shed, the basic construction party does not carry out the engineering construction or timely engineering of the steel frame structure surface fireproof material in order to control the cost or not pay much attention to it. The heat resistance of the stainless steel sheet is weak, and many of its properties change with the temperature elevator. When the temperature reaches the middle of 430-540℃, the stainless steel sheet yields to the height, the compressive strength and the elastic mold will greatly decrease, and the bearing capacitywill be lost.

3.The large span dry coal shed grids currently in use have collapsed due to various reasons, causing property losses. In the construction wave of the dry coal shed grids, in order to prevent such kind of accident, it is necessary to prevent and maintain the dry coal shed space frame in the early stage of construction and in the late stage of maintenance. Operation and maintenance workers immediately adopt detection and protective measures to prevent collapse and damage accidents.