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Use steel structure space frame for green environmental friendly airport project


With the increasingly obvious constraints on resources and the environment,While meeting the needs of providing safe and high-quality services, airport construction strives to reduce the impact on the ecological environment, which is the need to promote the construction of ecological civilization and is also the need for the sustainable development of the aviation industry.More efficient use of resources, lower impact on the environment, and construction of a safe, healthy, efficient, and comfortable green airport under reasonable environmental loads are the inevitable directions for future airport construction.

The huge new terminal also has the largest roof area in the world, about 178,000 square meters.The huge roof consisting of about 12,000 bolted ball joints and more than 60,000 rods is designed as a free-form surface. The connection between each rod and the bolted ball joint is locked into a unique position by three-dimensional coordinates. The shape is very Beautiful.

The steel structure space frame has a large span, large space, beautiful appearance, good integrity and stability, and can satisfy various shapes. The space frame steel structure is a modern green building. During construction, the space frame construction takes a short time and has a long life span, which can save resources to the greatest extent.