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How to waterproof the enclosure system of a large light steel structure factory building?


The color steel plate installation of the enclosure system of the steel structure factory building is simple and quick, but the handling of the details is very important. In terms of drainage, for the color steel plate used in the steel structure roof, the color steel plate should be treated with corresponding edges at the roof and eaves. The purpose is to more effectively prevent rainwater from entering the house. Where the outer roof panel is on the roof ridge, an edge-finishing tool can be used to fold the chassis between the terminal purlins upward. It is used for the upper end of all roof steel plates with a slope lower than 1/2 (250) to ensure that the water blown in by the wind under the flooding plate or cover plate will not flow back into the plant.

The closing operation of the enclosure system of the steel structure warehouses can be implemented before the positioning of the color steel plate, or after the enclosure system is installed. But the latter should leave enough clearance (about 50mm) at the top of the color steel plate to facilitate the use of edge-finishing tools. When operating, place the edge-finishing tool on the steel plate terminal chassis, slide the tool on the steel plate as soon as possible, hold the steel plate terminal with the tool, and fold the chassis upwards. When the board is used on a roof with a slope of less than 1/5 (100), the bottom of the steel plate should be slightly bent downward (in a lip shape) at the bottom of the chassis, so that the rainwater can be discharged along the color steel plate terminal and not It will flow back to the bottom of the flat chassis due to wind. The downward folding operation must be carried out after the steel structure roof panel is fixed, otherwise this operation will be hindered. For very long roof steel plates, telescopic nodes should be set, and the distance should not be greater than the data listed in the following table to overcome Longitudinal thermal displacement. For the penetrating fixed type of steel structure workshop engineering, only one penetrating fixed overlap can be set between two telescopic nodes.