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What Technologies Need to be Applied to Steel Structure Buildings


Steel structure buildings have the advantages of high strength, light weight, diverse forms and good seismic performance. Its advancement and high-level are also reflected in the application of related technologies. It can be said that the application of these technologies in steel structure buildings is the icing on the cake.

   1. Thermal insulation and energy saving technology. If you want the steel structure building to achieve long-term thermal insulation effect, it is essential to use thermal insulation materials in the exterior walls and roof of the building. Normally, in addition to filling glass fiber mesh cloth between the wall columns of a steel structure building, a layer of insulation material is also attached to the outside of the wall, which can effectively cut off the thermal bridge from the wall columns to the external wall panels. In addition, the filling of glass fiber in the joists between floors can reduce the heat transfer through the floors, and the filling of glass fiber between all interior walls and columns can effectively reduce the heat transfer between the apartment walls.

  2, sound insulation technology. If you want to ensure the sound insulation effect of steel structure buildings, it is essential to fill glass wool between the inner and outer walls of the building and the floor joists. The glass wool filled between the joists can effectively block the audio part that is transmitted through the air. For the impact sound propagating through solids, steel structure buildings are usually handled in this way, that is, two wall columns are used to form a second wall with a gap in the partition wall, and a small keel with a fixed gypsum board is used for the ceiling. The elastic structure with small cut grooves can effectively reduce the propagation of structure-borne sound between floors.

   3. Fire prevention technology. Fire protection technology is one of the key applications of steel structure buildings. Because the fire resistance level of steel structure buildings is grade four, it is necessary to paste fireproof gypsum boards on both sides of the steel structure building wall and the ceiling of the floor. The wall is protected by 25.4 mm thick gypsum board, which can reach the protection requirement of 1 hour.

  The application of these technologies in steel structure buildings can make the living and working environment more comfortable.