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Innovation in construction of large span space frame structure


The construction method of large-span space frame structure is constantly innovated. As the structural forms of the space frame structure become more and more diversified, and the span becomes larger and larger, the construction method of the space frame structure needs innovation, and the construction technology has also been developed. Construction technology is crucial in the construction of large-scale space frame structures. Only reasonable construction schemes and scientific analysis can ensure the safety and economy of the structure.

The theoretical research of space frame structure has developed in depth.With the continuous innovation of the space frame structure system and form, it will inevitably be accompanied by the continuous development of the depth and breadth of the space frame structure theory.Previous studies focused more on structural shapes and analysis methods under static forces, as well as simplification methods such as plate simulation and difference methods.Then gradually expanded from static to dynamic,From linear to nonlinear, the issues involved include the static and dynamic stability of space frame structures, form-finding analysis of cable and membrane structures, and wind-vibration response of flexible structures.The above-mentioned key theoretical issues have been studied in depth, and a large number of research results have been obtained. The overall level of theoretical research on the space frame structure of our country has entered the international advanced ranks.

Detection and reinforcement technologies are developing together. According to the country’s requirements for safety assessment and reinforcement technology for major projects already built and under construction,Research on safety evaluation methods, formulate safety evaluation indicators or guidelines for large-span projects, propose a complete set of reinforcement technical measures, and develop a computer safety evaluation software system that can analyze a variety of unfavorable factors, etc. With the development of the space frame structure, it has been further developed.