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Space frame structure bolt connection method


There are many ways to connect steel structure space frame, mainly including riveting joint, bolt joint, expansion joint, lock seaming and welded joint. Today SAFS steel structure introduces the bolt link in detail.

The bolt connection of the space frame structure is a combination of bolts, nuts and washers, which are connected by threads, and two or more components are connected into a whole. The characteristic of this connection is detachable.

The connecting bolts of the space frame structure steel structure are generally divided into two types: ordinary bolts and high-strength bolts. Ordinary bolts or high-strength bolts that do not apply tightening axial force are called ordinary bolted connections; those that use high-strength bolts as fasteners and apply tightening axial force to the bolts to form a connection are called high-strength bolted connections.

High-strength bolt connection is a new form of bolt connection that is currently rapidly developed and applied. It relies on the large tightening pretension in the bolt rod to clamp the connecting member, so that strong friction is generated in it to transmit the load. The integrity and rigidity of high-strength bolted components are better than those of ordinary bolted connections, and it has now developed into one of the main connection forms of steel structures that are simultaneously welded.