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Introduction of special-shaped steel structure


Special-shaped steel structure is also called space arbitrary steel structure. The spatial three-dimensional model of the structure generally cannot simply use the function table, and the structural engineer needs to spend several times or even dozens of times of the time for the ordinary structure to model. The boundary conditions should be carefully considered, the combination of load input and working conditions is more complicated, and the later modification is also more complicated. Often some seemingly simple modifications in the shape will cause the work of the structural engineer to be repeated, so the owner and the structural engineer are required to scrutinize the plan in the early stage. You can’t do whatever you want to avoid unnecessary delays.

special-shaped steel structure project

Once the construction drawing of the special-shaped steel structure is completed, the later detailed design is also very time-consuming, and the component specifications will be special, and some component drawings are difficult to express in drawings, which requires the detailed design engineer to go to the front line of the workshop to guide the workers to loft. On-site installation is also relatively complex, requiring structural engineers, detailing designers, project managers, technicians, and front-line installation workers to formulate detailed plans and use scientific means to complete them together.

special-shaped steel structure engineering

The structural forms of special-shaped steel structure projects generally use profiled steel structure, space frame structure, membrane structure, pipe truss, etc., and the surface material of the enclosure structure generally adopts aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, stainless steel plate, etc.

The above is the detailed introduction of special-shaped steel structure, I hope it can help you. If you have other questions about complex spatial special-shaped steel structures, you can contact SAFS Steel Structure, I believe we will give you a satisfactory answer.