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Steel structure bank headquarters building dome successfully lifted


After 12 hours of non-stop operation, a huge round dome shell of 64.4 meters in diameter and weighing about 1,000 tons was slowly lifted to a height of 52.5 meters, marking the successful one-time lifting of the long span steel structure dome of the main building of the bank headquarters project, and the main structure of the project will be formally topped out.

Steel structure bank headquarters building dome

The project covers an area of about 21,000 square meters and has a total construction area of about 91,000 square meters, which is an innovative financial gathering place rich in technology and wisdom, and a benchmark project of high-quality, efficient, open and inclusive office headquarters. The building adopts steel structure assembly building main body, especially the dome design is composed of “ring corridor horse path + roof mesh shell + central smoke exhaust window”, with unique shape and novel design. Due to the limitation of internal overhanging space, it cannot be lifted in pieces, so the installation is carried out on site by “ground assembly + overall lifting”, which not only effectively reduces the construction difficulty, but also facilitates the control of safety, quality, construction period and construction cost.

To ensure the safe and efficient completion of the dome installation lifting task, after assembling the structure as a whole on the ground below the orthographic projection of the installation location, the whole structure was lifted into place using 16 lifting points connected to the main structure, using the “hydraulic synchronous lifting technology for large components”. During the lifting process, a number of functions such as synchronous action, load equalization, attitude correction stress control, process display and fault alarm are fully automated through data feedback and control command transmission. Several displacement monitoring points were also set up to ensure that the error of 16 lifting points during the lifting process was controlled within 10mm, which effectively ensured the homogeneity of the lifting and finally completed the lifting operation successfully.

Steel structure bank headquarters building dome roof