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Steel Structure Space Frame Dome and Barrel Storage Project

steel structure
steel structure
  • Limestone pre-homogenization yard : 60 m×432 m
  • Pre-homogenized yard: 77 m×310m
  • Raw coal yard : 432 m×132 m
  • Raw coal pre-homogenization yard: 87m diameter dome
  • Clinker storehouse: 75m diameter dome


  • 80% of production can be finished at factory

  • Easy and fast installation

  • Cost-effective

  • High security

  • Roof and side enclosures can be installed on the ground and lifted successfully once

This project contained several small projects, which are Limestone pre-homogenization yard, pre-homogenization yard, raw coal yard, raw coal pre-homogenization yard, and clinker storehouse. So, it was a big, and involved a series of complex technology.

For the large-span space frame, the scope of application is very wide: coal storage, limestone, clinker, ore and minerals, etc. We have rich experience and advanced design technology. The only thing you have to do now is to contact us (there are on the right Contact information, you can submit a more detailed form below), we will serve you 1to1 to help you analyze issues such as project quotation design.

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