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Steel truss sliding construction of sewage treatment pumping station


The project is a large span super heavy steel truss structure built above the sewage treatment pumping station. The plan size is 52.25*48.29m, the single span of steel truss is 46.29m, the unit steel truss weighs 237.3t, the single bay steel truss weighs 105.6t, the steel structure consists of section steel column, 7 bays steel truss, secondary beam and corner brace, at present it is the largest span and the heaviest single bay steel truss structure other than the station that takes sliding. During the construction process, the project overcame many difficulties such as small construction site, existence of sewage treatment pond and many complicated pipelines, daily operation and maintenance of pumping station water service cannot be affected during construction, and the steel structure cannot be lifted conventionally, etc. The project adopted cumulative sliding technology to divide the 7-bay steel truss into 6 units, using temporary support frame, hanging structure, column top rails, hydraulic jacking equipment, etc. to assemble the steel trusses in order from east to west. The steel trusses will be assembled in sequence and slide from east to west.

Steel truss sliding construction of sewage treatment pumping station

Before skidding, the project held a special deployment meeting to simulate and analyze possible problems in the skidding process to ensure the accuracy and synchronization of the skidding. During the first slip, experts supervised, and personnel from engineering, safety and technical departments as well as operation workers performed their respective duties to ensure the safety and stability of the slip process.

Steel truss sliding construction of sewage treatment pumping station 0

Sewage treatment pumping station superstructure project as a large-span steel structure project that takes sliding. During the construction of the steel structure, the pump station sewage treatment never stopped operating, harvesting an excellent corporate reputation and credibility, which has important promotion value in similar projects in the future. The project will continue to strictly control the quality, strictly adhere to the safety bottom line, do a good job of technical summary, and make every effort to build a high-quality project and achieve quality performance.