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Successful lifting of steel structure space frame for wide-body airliner project


The first steel structure space frame lifting of the domestic wide-body passenger aircraft (large aircraft) project in the new city constructed by the steel structure net frame company was successfully started, marking the project into a new stage and fully transferred to the construction sprint of structural topping.

To ensure that the steel structure space frame can be upgraded on time, from the beginning of the year to now, hundreds of builders have been struggling on the front line of the project construction, and have been working hard to catch up with the progress, and all of them have been carrying forward the hard-working spirit of “day and night”, staying at their posts, overcoming technical difficulties, actively promoting the construction progress, and laying a solid foundation for the steel structure space frame upgrade.

Steel structure space frame lifting front stretcher

During the lifting operation, the general manager, chief engineer and other leaders of the company and the main personnel of the supervisory unit were present and supervised the whole process during the lifting operation.

The total construction area of the domestic wide-body passenger aircraft (large aircraft) project in Xincheng District is 530,188 square meters, and the maximum span of the steel space frame in the hot press tank area is 65 meters, the total length is 125 meters, and the projected area is 15,000 square meters, which is about the size of 35 basketball courts; the lifting height is 15 meters, and the total lifting weight is 439 tons; the lifting plan adopts the construction technology of “in-situ assembling on the ground +The construction technology of “in-situ assembling on the ground and synchronous hydraulic lifting” was adopted, and the steel space frame was assembled on the ground first, and then lifted in two stages, the first time by 1.5m height and then by crane, and the second time by crane to the design elevation.

This project is an important project in the aerospace “10,000 mu 100 billion” industrial platform, which is one of the five 100 billion industrial platforms in the new city. At the same time, it is also a new breakthrough for the steel structure space frame company in the field of general contracting of large aviation manufacturing plant construction. The company will do its best to help Xincheng District “become an internationally renowned and domestic leading aerospace industry cluster” and contribute to the power of manufacturing for China’s independently developed large aircraft to fly into the blue sky.

Steel structure space frame project rendering