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Five suggestions of steel structure building cooling


The best way to solve the ventilation of steel structure buildings and smoke discharge problems is to install a large amount of air exhaust fans on the roof to discharge outdoors to form indoor negative pressure. Pressing a large amount of fresh air from the surroundings of the building into the plant to form air convection, so that the effect of ventilation and smoke is better. The suggestions we give are as follows:

  1. Please consider active ventilation when planning and design. It is recommended not to install the wind ball (the active exhaust effect of a 1380*1380 negative pressure fan can replace dozens of natural ventilation wind balls). And if you install a negative pressure fan with active exhaust air in the roof and install the ball, part of the air will directly enter the factory from the wind ball, and it will be discharged by the negative pressure fan, which will form a “short circuit” of the air, causing waste of resources.
  2. If you want to design an office in the plant, please be designed at both ends of the plant. Do not design on both sides. In other words, the office is best designed on the short side of the steel structure plant. If you must be designed on the long side, the height of the workshop office should not be too high to retain ventilation windows above the outdoor wall of the office.
  3. When designing active ventilation equipment, it is recommended not to choose a traditional circular ventilation. You should choose a square air volume negative pressure fan with a rainproof and clover. The square negative pressure fan is good for installation. The square, slightly light, thinner structure is suitable for installation on the factory slot steel.
  4. Please reserve the hole of the installation fan. The weight of the fan is generally less than 80kg, please consider load -bearing issues. The general principle of installation is: every 100 square meters of factory buildings, install a fan.
  5. Ventilation device: It is recommended to choose a double -shaped gas building. This gas building is better installed and the ventilation smoke effect is better. It is best to extend a part of the upper part of the gas building to block the rain.