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What are the Advantages of Bolted-ball Space Frame Processing Design?


Nowadays, the bolted-ball space frame is particularly widely used. This kind of structure can be seen in many small gas stations and stadiums, which can meet the needs of people for construction. What are the advantages of the specific design of the bolted-ball space frame? The following is a detailed explanation of this problem.  

 bolted-ball space frame

bolted-ball space frame

  1. To carry out the construction of bolted ball space frame, the raw material must be high-quality steel, which has high hardness, no crack, and good compressive performance. In order to achieve a good processing effect, space frame parts should meet the national standards, reduce the construction risk, improve the overall performance of the project.
  2. According to the bolted ball space frame, multi-rods and bolted-balls can be reasonably configured to generate the corresponding spatial structure, which can also support each other to improve the overall capacity of the project, and multi-direction load can also be completed.
  3. The bolted-ball space frame produced by the latest technology has high strength and an obvious anti-seismic effect.
  4. The bolted ball space frame can also withstand cracks caused by uneven settlement of the foundation, and can automatically adjust the internal forces of the members to ensure the safety and stability of the structure. This form of consumer satisfaction is particularly popular.
  5. Bolted-ball space frame is a special spatial structure, which is not only beautiful in appearance, but also more practical. The bolted ball space frame has high safety, more abundant solder joints in general, and saves the amount of mesh material, so it can carry out better breakthroughs and innovation in design.