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What are the application fields of steel structure prefabricated buildings


Nowadays, the level of industrialization is constantly improving and more attention is paid to environmental protection. As a result, the steel structure prefabricated building market is getting bigger and bigger. The following SAFS steel structure manufacturers will show you the main application areas of steel structures.

What are the application fields of steel structure prefabricated buildings

1. Modern logistics, workshops and warehouses: For example, in the current era of online shopping, large modern logistics parks are needed to meet the needs of the “hands-up party”, while the production workshops and workshops in the real economy are often made of steel structures. , Such as open hearth workshop, blooming workshop, mixing furnace workshop, etc. of metallurgical plant; steel casting workshop, processing workshop, hydraulic press workshop, forging workshop, etc. of heavy machinery plant; slipway workshop of shipyard; assembly workshop of aircraft manufacturing plant, etc. , The main load-bearing framework in these areas often adopts steel structure in whole or in part.

2. Large-span structure: Mainly used in stadiums, conference halls, exhibition halls, theaters, hangars, garages, subway stations, high-speed rail stations and other fields.

3. Tower mast structure: used for TV towers, microwave towers, high-voltage transmission line towers, chemical exhaust towers, atmospheric monitoring towers, oil drilling towers, rocket launch towers and radio masts.

4. High-rise buildings: steel-concrete structures for keel skeletons, tubes and core tubes of high-rise buildings.

5. Plate and shell structure: A large number of steel structures are used in metallurgical, petroleum, and chemical enterprises for pipe racks and smelting needs, such as large liquid storage tanks, gas tanks, petroleum pipelines, blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, etc.