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Which renovation projects are suitable for arched roofs structure


In recent years, with the rapid development of world economic construction and the rapid increase of steel production, light steel structures have achieved unprecedented development. Compared with traditional brick, wood and concrete structures, light steel structures are favored by the construction industry for their lightness, high strength, rapid construction and beautiful shapes.

arched roofs structure

The application of arched roofs structure is by no means limited to renovation projects. It has been widely adopted by industrial plants, warehouses, garages, shopping malls, restaurants, auditoriums and other architectural fields, such as the Beijing Dawang Food Co Ltd food production workshop, the Beijing Book Distribution Department, the State-owned Grain Reserve, the Tennis Stadium , etc. And the arch roofing industry has entered many large, medium and small cities nationwide.

In actual projects, these roof structures have single-span, double-span, multi-span and unequal-height spans in various forms according to the project scale and usage requirements. Although the single-curvature arc arch restricts the architectural shape of this structure, it does not mean that architects have nothing to do with this structure. In fact, through the combination of different rise-span ratios, different color matching, and the ingenious arrangement of roof lighting strips and lower doors and windows, it can also have colorful architectural shapes, which further broadens its application range.

Through the application of the arched roofs structure in this project, it can be seen that it is widely promoted in various fields and the huge economic benefits it contains. The structure has been developed in a relatively short period of time, but it has excellent advantages such as wide application range and long service life, which can meet the requirements of modern society’s rapid and efficient development, and will be more and more popular among people. It is believed that in the near future, this structure will have perfect theoretical analysis and experimental research, and will have a strong vitality and bright application prospect in the construction market.

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