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Manufacture of steel structure sapce frame bolt ball


In the process of making the bolt ball, we must remember to install it in order. Install according to the form of the sapce frame, the type of support and the force of the structure. There are still a lot of things to pay attention to when installing the bolt ball.

space frame bolt ball

In fact, there are still many features of the bolted ball sapce frame, mainly the three-dimensional structure of space. It seems that the structural form of the bolted ball sapce frame is very stable, and the overall weight is relatively light. This kind of sapce frame is mainly hollow ball joint, bolt ball joint and bolt connection.

In the sapce frame engineering, the link that is prone to error accumulation belongs to the bar processing. In the process of rod processing, the blanking size of the steel pipe that composes the rod, the thickness of the sealing plate or the cone head, and the thickness of the welding seam determine the thickness of the rod, which is restricted by the design value of the rod length. The blanking size of the steel pipe, the thickness of the sealing plate or the cone head determine the thickness of the welding seam, and the welding seam is too large or too small, which directly affects the connection strength of the rod. Therefore, in the specific processing process, we need to control the blanking size of the steel pipe according to different welding parts and their weld thickness requirements. This requires the production of “sample rods” for rods of the same specification first, so as to achieve the purpose of correcting the blanking size.

Derusting of rods shall ensure that the level specified in the design is reached. For the pipes with heavy rust stains and those stored for too long, secondary shot blasting should be carried out, and the appearance should be reflected to see if the rods can meet the requirements of rust removal. It must be ensured that the rust removal level can be achieved, so as to ensure the weather resistance performance of the rod.

Painting is the final step in the formation of sapce frame members. The paint should be sprayed evenly and should not penetrate the bottom or flow. Be sure to apply a second coat after the first coat dries. In addition, we also need to do the flaw detection test for the welding seam of the rod according to the specifications and batches, the reliability test for the welding rod, and the tensile test for the assembly of the finished rod.

Space Frame Structural Bolt Balls