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Problems that need to be paid attention to when producing color steel plate in steel structure factory


The color steel plate has the properties of high mechanical strength and easy forming of steel materials, as well as good decoration and corrosion resistance of coating materials. Color steel plate is an emerging material respected in the world today. Many color steel houses have played an important role in the rapidly developing industrial cities, but there are often many problems in the production process of color steel plates. Today, let’s talk about what problems should be paid attention to when producing color steel plates.

galvanized color steel plate

There are wrinkles on the edge of the color steel plate. In the case of no problem with the equipment, the original existence of the substrate generally occupies a large proportion. The wrinkle of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is mainly caused by the existing technology of the galvanizing production line and the failure of the equipment. It is not difficult for friends who generally understand the galvanizing process to solve this problem. Judging the quality from the appearance of the steel coil: generally, the appearance requires neat winding, and there are no burrs, serrated edges, and obvious gaps on both sides of the steel coil. This is the minimum requirement, but it is very difficult to judge the various problems encountered in production based on these alone.

The color steel plate is not smooth, and after the product comes out. the paint or the back paint has the phenomenon of paint leakage. In the industry it is called: lines. This problem is generally unavoidable for every manufacturer. There are impurities in the paint, and there are also some reasons for the equipment, as well as the factors of the substrate.

There is a color difference on the surface of the color steel plate. and the color difference on the surface of the color steel plate is related to the quality of the paint. There are also practical problems in the production process. The type of substrate also occupies a certain proportion, galvanized steel sheet, zinc aluminized sheet, color steel sheet produced by the same process and raw materials will appear different.

There are holes and leaks on the surface of the color steel plate. Due to the defect in the quality of the substrate, if the substrate has serious edge damage and gaps, and there are holes in the substrate, the painting staff will open the painting equipment and let it skip according to the industry standard operation requirements, which will inevitably lead to leakage.

There is a bulging phenomenon on the wave edge or the middle of the color steel plate: the main reason is the quality problem of the substrate. The predecessor of the substrate is rolling hard, and the wave edge phenomenon caused by the uneven thickness is the most. Others are less due to equipment problems, which is the actual reason. If the substrate is not wavy and the paint is wavy, the general situation is that it is caused by the abnormal operation of the rectification or other equipment.

Color Steel Sheet

Paint peeling on the surface of the color steel plate. The production unit should check the pressure and whether the equipment operation system is normal and good, whether the bearing is working well, and whether the pressing action of each group of steel rollers of the tile press is consistent. These all present practical interference problems. Due to the sharpness of the pressing wheel, the new press equipment can easily lead to scratches on the dry film of the color steel plate paint. It is recommended that clients pay attention to such problems. The quality of the paint is the most important thing that depends on the quality of the product. The weather resistance, flexibility, and hardness of the paint film are proportional to the inspection results of the product, which means that the quality of the paint is qualified, such as: impact, wiping resistance , T-bend, these can reflect the actual quality of the paint. If there is a substandard operation within the scope of the process flow, it is necessary to immediately find the cause and make substantial work adjustments.