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Water Leakage and Waterproofing of Glass Dome Roof


The characteristics of glass dome roof: the production method of dome roof is very rich. There are several categories according to their shape, appearance, structure, connection to the façade and number. In order to analyze the problems of water leakage and waterproofing, the surface methods are divided into slope surface method, polyline surface method, single surface method, hyperboloid method, compound surface method and so on.

Building hall skylight glass dome roof

In order to discuss waterproofing, it is necessary to understand the basic characteristics of waterproofing of glass dome roofs as the main body of waterproofing.

  1. The material constituting the glass dome itself is not absorbent. Glass domes are mainly composed of glass, steel, aluminum, sealant and lining materials. The material itself will not leak or be damaged;
  2. The processing space of the waterproof method is limited. It is composed of strong and lightweight materials, which occupies less space and volume than other materials, especially the thickness of the gap is very limited, which means that the requirements and difficulty of waterproof structure methods are higher;
  3. Roof glass is the glass surface layer on the top of the building, and the angle between it and the horizontal plane is less than 75 degrees. Therefore, the catchment area is larger than that of the vertical glass curtain wall, including strong water accumulation caused by wind and rain;
  4. The sunlight effect is more directly irradiated on the surface of the glass roof, including heat and ultraviolet rays. More simply, the thermal deformation of the various materials of the glass dome. The UV and thermal aging resistance of the sealing material are important factors to ensure the waterproofing of the glass roof;
  5. The glass dome surface is not as flat as similar glass surfaces. The deflection of the plate on the glass surface will cause water accumulation and dust accumulation, especially the glue joints at the joints and the shape of the gusset plate will produce water accumulation and scaling, which is very simple and will bring bad consequences of water seepage and aesthetics;
  6. The gap is the main channel for leakage of the glass dome. Gaps consist of splices and connections between the same material and dissimilar materials.