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Product description

The glass curtain wall is a new type of contemporary glass roof wall, which endows the building with the biggest characteristic of organically integrating architectural aesthetics, architectural function, architectural energy conservation, architectural structure and other factors. The building presents different colors from different angles, giving people a dynamic beauty with the changes of sunlight and moonlight lights.

Technical Advantages

  • Light weight. Compared with the same area, the quality of Building Glass Curtain Wall is about 1/10 ~ 1/12 of plastering brick wall, 1/15 of marble and granite facing wet method wall, and 1/5 ~ 1/7 of concrete hanging board. In general buildings, the quality of the interior and exterior walls is about 1/4 ~ 1/5 of the total weight of the building. The use of curtain wall can greatly reduce the weight of the building, thus reducing the cost of foundation works.
  • Flexible design. The artistic effect is good, the architect may according to own demand design each kind of modelling, may present the different color, coordinated with the surrounding environment, cooperates the illumination and so on to cause the building and the nature to merge into one, lets the high-rise building reduce the pressure feeling.
  •  Strong earthquake resistance. Flexible design, strong wind and earthquake resistance, is the preferred choice for high-rise buildings.
  • Systematic construction. Systematic construction is easier to control the construction period, and the time-consuming is shorter.
  • Modernization. The invention can improve the design of novel and technological buildings, such as photovoltaic energy-saving curtain wall, double-layer Ventilation Channel Suction Curtain Wall, etc.
  • It’s easy to update and maintain. As it is built on the building’s outer structure, it is convenient to repair or update it.
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Technical Specifications

  1. The open-frame Glass Curtain Wall is the Glass Curtain Wall with the metal frame components exposed on the exterior surface. It takes the aluminum alloy profile with special section as the frame, and the glass panel is completely embedded in the groove of the profile. Its characteristic lies in the aluminum alloy profile itself has both the skeleton structure and the fixed glass double function. Open-frame Glass Curtain Wall is the most traditional form, the most widely used, reliable performance. Compared with Hidden Frame Glass Curtain Wall, it is easier to meet the requirements of construction technology level.
  2. Concealed Frame Glass Curtain Wall, the metal frame of the concealed frame glass curtain wall is hidden behind the glass, the metal frame can not be seen outside. Hidden Frame Glass Curtain Wall can be divided into two types: full-hidden Frame Glass Curtain Wall and half-hidden Frame Glass Curtain Wall. The structural feature of the Glass Curtain Wall with concealed frame is that the glass is outside the aluminum frame, and the glass is bonded to the aluminum frame with silicone structural sealant. The load of curtain wall is mainly borne by sealant.
  3. Point Glass Curtain Wall. The point-type Glass Curtain Wall has the stability of the steel structure, the lightness of the glass and the mechanical precision. The glass of point-type Glass Curtain Wall is fixed reliably by stainless steel claw pieces passing through pre-drilled holes in the glass, while the Glass Curtain Wall is fixed on the frame by structural adhesive, metal connectors are used to connect all-glass curtain wall of supporting structure, while most glass curtain walls are of plane frame and vertical bar system.

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