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Glass Panels for Construction Building

Product description

Glass is a non-crystal Inorganic non-metallic material, usually with a variety of inorganic minerals (such as quartz sand, borax, boric acid, barite, barium carbonate, limestone, feldspar, Soda Ash, etc.) as the main raw material, in addition to a small amount of auxiliary raw materials made. Its main components are silicon dioxide and other oxides.

Technical Advantages

Glass Curtain Wall is a new type of wall in modern times. The most important feature it gives to architecture is the organic unity of architectural aesthetics, architectural function, architectural energy-saving and architectural structure, the building presents the different tone from the different angle, along with the sunlight, the moonlight, the lighting change gives the human with the dynamic beauty. Reflective insulating glass 6 mm thick, Wall weight of about 50 Kg/m2, light and beautiful, not easy to pollution, energy saving and so on.

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Technical Specification

Glass Curtain Wall of glass, according to varieties of transparent glass, heat-absorbing glass (also known as stained glass) , Mat reflection glass (also known as mirror glass) , insulating glass.

There are single and double glazing according to the structure. Single glazing is usually made of toughened glass and is usually 5 or 7 mm thick. Double-sided glass is usually made of non-toughened glass glass and is usually 5-12-5(mm) or 7-9-7(mm) in thickness, with an intermediate value between the two layers of glass.

Single-layer or double-layer glass side are coated with metal film, called”reflective glass.”. A metal film is a metal oxide.

For 6 mm thickness and coated glass, the transmittance of sunlight is only 23% — 40% , while for colorless transparent glass, the transmittance of sunlight is up to 78% . Reflective glass can play the role of shading, heat insulation, energy saving.

The color of glass depends on the type of oxide, depending on the oxide, can form Brown, Gold, silver-gray and other colors.

For Glass Curtain Wall which may directly cause personal injury, safety glass should be used, otherwise, corresponding safety measures should be taken. When Glass Curtain Wall is used with heat reflection coated glass, vacuum magnetron cathode sputtering coated glass should be used.

For Arc Glass Curtain Wall glass, thermal spraying coated glass can be used in installation.

When installing glass, should strictly check the surface quality and appearance geometry dimension deviation, must comply with the relevant standards and requirements, toughened glass surface must not have scars.

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