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Environmental protection slag shed space frame project in water slag yard

slag shed steel space frame structure
slag shed space frame
slag shed steel structure
slag shed bolt ball space frame
  • Structural form: Double-layer space frame
  • Node Type: Bolt Ball
  • Grid form: Square pyramid
  • Support form: Peripheral support
  • Roof and Gables: C-shaped steel purlins and single-laminated steel plates


slag shed space frame structure
  • 80% of production can be finished at factory

  • Easy and fast installation

  • Cost-effective

  • High security

  • Roof and side enclosures can be installed on the ground and lifted successfully once

Project Introduction:

The main body of the steel structure space frame shed: a 180-meter-long, 100-meter-span bottom-chord support space frame shed with a maximum clear height of about 33 meters, a planned stacking height of 22 meters, and a top width of 16 meters. The top of the stack from the shed roof at the lowest point is less than 8 meters.

The gable on one side is closed with a dust suppression net, and the gable on the other side is completely open. Use wind and dust suppression nets within 10 meters of the side elevation of the space frame. Two gates are reserved for the feeding port, with a width of not less than 17 meters and a height of not less than 11 meters. 14-point anti-collision piers should be set inside and outside the gate and at necessary positions. The roof is equipped with a ventilation skylight with a length of 60m.

Environmental protection rain shelter for the feeding port: 68 meters long, 46 meters wide which approximately rectangular structure, with flat-top space frame structure, 12 meters high, and an area of about 2550 square meters. The interior requires a large span and no supporting columns.

Project Features:

The axial span of the support of the reticulated shell in the stockyard is 100m, the elevation of the spherical center of the support is +1.00m, and the elevation of the space frame is 35.519m, which belongs to the large-span reticulated shell, and the manufacturing process of the steel space frame is complicated.

  1. The processing quantity of steel spaceframe is huge, and the requirements for the production quality of components and the comprehensive processing capacity and production scale of the production unit are relatively high;
  2. The installation, construction and hoisting of the starting span of the large-span steel space frame are the key processes of this project. How to accurately organize and scientifically construct the starting span according to the requirements of the specification is the top priority of the project;
  3. The requirements for the operator’s technology and the control of the overall construction size are relatively high;
  4. The installation height of the material yard is high, which is a high-altitude operation and brings great difficulty to the construction.

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