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The significance of the transformation of the heavy steel structure plant in the hydropower construction enterprise to the prefabricated steel structure

  1. The development of prefabricated steel structures is an effective way for traditional hydropower construction enterprises to transform and upgrade


At present, the heavy steel structure production bases of traditional hydropower construction enterprises are facing many difficulties in the development process: the hydropower market is shrinking, the domestic low-end manufacturing industry has serious overcapacity, labor costs have risen sharply, and the production of wind power towers, hydraulic metal steel structures and other products The technical content and product added value are both low; at the same time, due to the gradual opening of the domestic energy market, the competition in the traditional manufacturing industry has become more intense. Developing new products and discovering new profit growth points has become the key for traditional hydropower construction enterprises to become bigger and stronger on the existing basis. The prefabricated steel structure production business has a high degree of conformity with the management system and technical capabilities of the heavy steel structure production of hydropower construction enterprises. By rebuilding or expanding the original workshop and transforming the production line, the needs of the prefabricated steel structure production can be met. It can be seen that the development of steel structure products has a solid foundation and inherent advantages.

Heavy Steel Construction

With the shrinking of the traditional hydropower market, hydropower construction enterprises are gradually transforming, undertaking more and more housing construction business and road and bridge business, and developing the heavy steel structure factory into a prefabricated steel structure professional with a certain scale and considerable competitiveness in the industry as soon as possible. The chemical production base is in line with the needs of market competition. The construction of steel structure workshops is required for the competition to expand the market and improve the comprehensive solution capability of “package”. The expansion of the steel structure workshop of the heavy steel structure plant will help to improve the industrial chain and enhance the value chain.

Fabricated Steel Structure Manufacturer

  1. The development of prefabricated steel structures is the only way for the construction industry to change its development mode


The development of the construction industry should not only realize the transformation from extensive growth to intensive growth, but also realize the transformation of economic structure, quality, efficiency, ecological balance and environmental protection. At present, the development of my country’s construction industry has faced contradictions and constraints in terms of scale expansion and resources, environment, technology, talents and systems, and faced development problems such as lack of industrial workers, capital financing and inefficiency. It is urgent to change the mode of economic development.

Vigorously developing prefabricated steel structures is not only conducive to reducing pollution, protecting the environment, promoting resource conservation and sustainable development, but also conducive to vigorously promoting the supply-side structural reform in the construction field, cultivating emerging industries, and realizing the transformation of my country’s new urbanization construction model.